We are a team of developers. We make sites, cloud solutions, descktop and mobile aplications. Every day in our work we use Redmine as project menegement and CRM system.  It is place where managers, developers, administrators and designers can collaborate and discuss issues of common. Redmine helps us to communicate and make our work easy and more productivetely.

Sametimes people say: Redmine is agli. But it is not true. We changed interface, made it modern and more friendly. Plugins helped to expand the possibilities of the system. For specific tasks we developed some custom plugins. As a result, we know how to cook it.

Redmine solutions  is not the major product for us. This is result of a long search for high-quality and low-cost tool for shared development and interaction with customers.Today we wont to share our achievements for other teams.


At this moment major project of our devdlopment team is SYNAPS - the intelligent file storage system based on machine learning.