Redmine is project management system with Web interface (online), including a lot of tools to work together on projects. The system allows you to have several simultaneous projects, track their status, manage project steps, tasks, priorities flexibly assign roles to participants. It is free and open source. Redmine distribute under the GNU license. (Ie the product is free, even for commercial use and not impose any restrictions on the number of users).

Advantages of the system:

Arrange a single reference center projects, programs and project portfolios in company with flexible settings participants roles - one and the same person can play different roles in different projects. It provides a single standard for project management in the organization.

It allows project participants to engage in the process, to provide a visual representation of the tasks, deadlines, milestones of the project. Everyone knows what to do and see the goal.

Flexible reporting on project: who, what and when done, is doing and will do. Visibility resource utilization, timing control, the history of tasks. Automatic generation of Gantt charts and mapping tasks to the calendar plan.

Easy access to information from anywhere, including geographically dispersed employees and departments. The ability to access stakeholders, sponsors and other participants in the project, is clearly not related to the implementation of tasks, information and reporting in playback mode.

The system solves the problem of social interaction in the projects, providing integrated design forums (tools for discussions), news board, knowledge base and the ability to comment on and discuss the problem.

The ability to configure the product to any subject area business by introducing new guides, additional fields to the problems of the processing schemes tasks.

A tool for the project manager and all members of the project team, provides access to the project and allows you to structure your documentation and files, integrates with version control software (Git - a distributed file versioning control system).